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Whether you’re looking for a villa in Florida or an apartment in New York, there is a great range of property in the USA and lisoapboxderby.com is the best place to find the very latest property in the USA.

Property in California

California is the most populated state in the United States and investing in California property allows you to take advantage of the both the foreign and domestic rental demand.

Property in Florida

Due of the popularity of the theme parks of Orlando, apartments in Orlando, townhouses in Orlando and Florida property overall seems to be the first port of call for those looking for the perfect property in the USA.

Property in Las Vegas

Property in Las Vegas ranges from simple to luxurious with everything in between – there is something for everyone!

Property in New York

New York property is the perfect investment for the travelling businessman or anyone wanting to take advantage of the great exchange rate and jet over to their very own New York property whenever the fancy takes them!

Properties in Italy

Highest levels of interest from house hunters in the last seven days because of their value, location or quality.

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5 Ways Equipment Financing is Empowering Small Construction Businesses

Most small businesses need equipment in order to operate and grow, and each business must decide on an acquisition strategy that is right for it. But, a majority of businesses turn to equipment leasing and financing so they can take advantage of a range of benefits.

ELFA highlights five key benefits that make equipment finance an advantageous option for small businesses:

1.  Get 100% equipment financing with no down payment. This allows the business to hold on to cash, or working capital, and use it for other purposes like financing project start-ups, expansion, improvements, marketing, or R&D.

2.  Eliminate the risk of ownership.  A business just starting out can use equipment financing to help lessen the uncertainty of investing in a capital asset until it achieves a desired return. Advantages include increasing efficiency, reducing costs or meeting other business objectives.

3.  Keep up-to-date with new technology. To be on the cutting edge and be competitive, businesses often need access to new technology. Leasing, loans and other financing help small businesses get more technology and better equipment than they would have gotten without financing. Businesses that use lease financing can avoid the risk of owning obsolete technology and equipment, since many agreements allow for easy and fast equipment updates.


4.  Plan expenses for cash flow and business cycle fluctuations. Equipment financing helps budgeting by setting customized rent payments to match cash flow, and even to match seasonal cash flows.

5.  Obtain the convenience of product and service bundling. Certain financial products allow businesses to finance the entire cost of equipment, including installation, up-front maintenance, training, and software charges. That puts packaging systems, and ancillary products and services into a single solution so the business is freed to focus on its core operations.

For more information about how equipment financing helps businesses succeed, visit our site. This site includes a digital toolkit, articles, informational videos, definitions of the various types of financing, a lease vs. loan comparison and questions to ask when financing equipment.

World’s Greatest Real Estate Tycoons As Of 2017!

Half of the world’s real estate tycoons hail from the Asian Pacific region. As of 2017 following are the top 5 successful real estate investors in the world.

#5.Bruce Flatt


Bruce Flatt is the CEO of the Brookfield Asset Management. Brookfield quietly owns an entire City Skylines in places like Toronto and Sydney. It is the biggest in the whole of London and downtown Los Angeles. Looking for a portfolio to compare? Most of them are not even close.  Brookfield easily occupies some 400million square feet of commercial space. That’s definitely a huge number. Today we may not sing the glory of Flatt, most might not even know his name but he is going to make a mark in the future.

#4.Donald Bren


Donald Bren is 82 years young real estate investor. Bren has proven that age is just a number and even today he is wisely making his investments in real estate. Bren is celebrated by Forbes as the fourth largest real estate developer in the whole world. He owns over 115 million square feet of real estate in California. This large estate comprises of 500 office buildings, more than 40 shopping centers, and nearly 60000 apartments.

#3.Michael Otto


Michael Otto is the head of the largest mail order company in Germany, German Otto Group. the company started somewhere around in the year 1949, and the family business is still actively participating in the real estate and financial services. They hold almost 15% stake in the Paramount Group. it manages and owns Class A office properties in the New York City.

#2.Lee Shau Kee


Lee is a business tycoon who hails from Hong Kong. The story of Lee is extremely inspiring. He came from a very poor background and is now the wealthiest man in Hong Kong. Not just a real estate investor he is also the majority owner of the Henderson Land Development a conglomerate which focuses on properties, hotels, restaurants and internet services. His net worth as of 2017 sums up to 26.8 billion USD. He is hailed as the ‘Asia’s master of Stock’ and ‘HongKong’s Buffett.’

#1.Wang Jianlin


Wang Jianlin ranks No.1 in the Forbes list of top 20 real estate investors across the globe. Wang is the founder of the Dalian Wanda Group which the largest real estate developer in China. It is also known as the largest movie theatre operator in the world. Wang also owns 20% of the renowned Spanish football club Atletico Madrid. Wang is also walking towards building the Dalian Wanda Entertainment and Real Estate Empire.

REcoin – One Cryptocurrency to Support all your Real Estate Transactions

Cryptocurrency, as we know, is the decentralized digital currency, now widely used in all e-commerce transactions. Cryptocurrency has ventured into almost all economic sectors and now it has entered into the reals estate business too. Though the idea of cryptocurrency was viewed as an alien, now people getting the point and are trying to move along with the trend. So the first ever cryptocurrency designed to satisfy real estate needs is REcoin. We all know that Real estate is a trillion dollar business. So when it is met by Cryptocurrency that is the technology of the future just imagine the impact it can create on the Global platform.


History of REcoin:

REcoin group is a Las Vegas based blockchain-startup that launched its real estate backed crypto currency, REcoin. The Initial Coin Offer went live on August 7, 2017, which included both an official ICO fundraising and a pre-token sale. The founder of REcoin group, Maksim Zaslavskiy stated that REcoin is a new proprietary cryptocurrency that was designed to meet the broad range of financial transactions related to real estate around the world. REcoin seems to be a really attractive mode of payment due to the economic and technical measures.

The Roadmap of REcoin:

  • It all started with the Initial Coin Offer. With the ICO and the pre-sale token, the idea of REcoin was familiarized.
  • The second stage of development is to globally establish it at a fixed rate of exchange that 1REC = 1USD. Through the accumulation of funds in its 101REcoin trust, they are planning to get deep into their real estate investment.
  • There are software development plans and the testing and adapting of the technical side of the coin is in the process.
  • Once the establishment process is over the over, the REcoin group will have to plan for the growth and development of its ecosystem.


However, real estate backs REcoin only in the economically sound countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Switzerland. Getting into transactions backed by cryptocurrencies and blockchain is something that belongs to the future. Most people do not really understand how a block chain works or that it even exists. Unless there are a widespread awareness and knowledge of what all this is about, crypto currencies will find it hard to establish themselves. But we need not have to worry because this REcoin will find its own way to every corner of the world sooner or later.

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